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ArtWriteTravel #5: Munich Moments: Beer, D&D, French, and Mr. Pancake More Than Once *en

SteveMunich, Travel, Germany, Fun
ArtWriteTravel #5: Munich Moments: Beer, D&D, French, and Mr. Pancake More Than Once *en

When in Munich, drinking beer seems a requirement. One should probably maintain an awareness of ones own personal limit however. The beer there is incredibly inexpensive, for such fine products. I took a little tour, about beer. The host was an enthusiastic gentleman, when it came to beer history. I suspect his limit to be greater than mine. 


The night was colder than, well, colder than your average cold beer. We were all bundled up well. I actually enjoyed the bit of snow, being from a place that barely has weather at all. On the other hand, when you are busy experiencing the chill, the alcohol is somehow less noticeable going down. I should have paid more attention to that part. 

Again, having a good time with my new associates was distracting. Walking in the cold night brought a focus to the fun. And I’d traveled halfway around the world, so it was nice to relax. 

Ah well, the beer was good, if over abundant. The company was cheerful and warm, and a temporary salve to the chill. I truly enjoyed those hours, but that was a lot beer, my friends. Make a mental note, ice cold weather doesn’t mean drink more ice cold beer. 


Another different sort of experience I signed up for was being taught how to play Dungeons and Dragons. I know several people who play, and I thought it’d be good, if i understood what they were talking about. 

The game is, i think, what they call an RPG—role playing game. In any case, I was a warlock, had imaginary battles, and plenty of nice conversation, after eating some good German cooking. And heh, it was pretty entertaining starting in a tavern, getting a commission to take care of some bandits, climbing the mountain past the evil fairytale horse—or was it a unicorn, can’t remember—and then battling those bandits, and getting a lot of loot. Nice.

I also got some recommendations for books to read, and chatted a bit about writing. I also thought to myself, how much of a system do I want to have in mind, when I write my adventures. In the game, the character you play has certain designed abilities, and the dice are the element of chance. 

This is more of an instinctive thing for me when I write. I understand other authors are more thorough in their reference material. I’ve always taken more of a gut feeling approach. I do try to improve my technical skills though. 

It got me thinking. How much reference material do I want? And that, in turn, made me think about learning languages. I work on my French and Japanese, more on the French at the moment. And that really comes down to the ability to speak. 

Lately, I’m focusing more on just speaking, and less on detailed knowledge of grammar. It’s become more of a feeling thing. Do I feel comfortable speaking, for instance. Well, at least with my online skype tutor, I’m getting a little more willing to just try and say the thing I mean to say. 

Self consciousness seems an everyday part of life. Some people appear to never feel it. They plunge blindly forward with no thought to outward appearances. Some people are nearly paralyzed with fear, in case they make a misstep. 

I’d put myself in the middle, on that spectrum. I do get embarrassed sometimes, but I can overcome it at need. And I can completely ignore it to learn, or to prioritize having an interesting experience, rather than sit on the sidelines. 

So the beer time and the D&D were fun. The French is inching its way better. The last thing I’ll mention is Mr. Pancake. I only went to the small location. I understand there’s a larger one too. 

They were friendly, the breakfast was fantastic, and the coffee was perfect. In theory, they specialize in American pancakes. I actually thought theirs were better than what I get in the US. 

The first time i had a combo of blueberry pancakes, two eggs, really exceptional sausage, and coffee. The small room had a rustic decor that was warm to the senses. Ah, the good life. It was cozy and comfortable. I took a little time, and had an extra cup of coffee. Then I did it all again two days later, with only a slight change to the order—this time I had apple cinnamon instead of blueberry. I wanted to go still again, but ran out of time. My week in Munich was done.